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Overwhelmed by Campaign Complexity?

Managing a marketing campaign can be complex, time-consuming, and honestly, a bit daunting. Coordinating numerous elements, from strategy to execution is a complex process full of pitfalls for those unaware. 

Imagine if every piece of your campaign fell perfectly into place. Your strategy aligns with your goals, your content resonates with your audience, and your marketing efforts drive results.

What if Your Campaign was Seamless and Impactful?

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Complete Campaign 
Content Production

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Your Production Team

At The Bakery Creative Agency, our experience as producers and directors speaks for itself. We've successfully produced and managed campaigns for a diverse range of clients, consistently achieving and often exceeding their goals. Whether it's taking on multiple roles in smaller projects or leading an expanded team for larger initiatives, our adaptability and capability are at the core of what we do. At The Bakery, our hands-on approach ensures that each project is tailored to meet specific requirements, showcasing our commitment to delivering excellence in every production.


Welcome to

Video Production

Welcome to The Bakery Creative Agency, your comprehensive solution for professional video production and strategic content marketing campaign design. We specialise in creating purposeful content that serves as key assets for your business. Our approach includes developing strategies to leverage these assets effectively across various platforms, enhancing your brand's visibility and maximizing audience engagement.

Ready to create content that works for your brand? Book a free discovery session with us today.

Simon Baker

Account Manager

Creative Director

Director of Photography



Stacey Baker

Project Manager

Creative Director





Our Production Palette

At The Bakery Creative Agency & Production Studio, we believe every story deserves its own unique canvas. Effective communication is an art form that requires a tailored approach, which is why we offer a diverse range of video production formats, each crafted to meet the specific needs and goals of your brand. From the authentic depth of Corporate Documentaries to the engaging appeal of Promotional Videos, our portfolio is not only a showcase of our expertise but also an introduction to our creative communication model. Our RIEI framework ensures we create narratives that resonate deeply, educate clearly, and engage actively, ensuring that every piece of content we produce makes a meaningful impact.


Corporate Documentaries

In-depth narratives that reveal your company’s ethos and journey, building a comprehensive understanding and stronger connection with your audience.

Promotional Videos

Vibrant and engaging content designed to highlight key features of products or services and ignite viewer interest.

Commercial Content

High-impact advertisements crafted to capture attention, stimulate desire, and prompt action.

Explainer Videos

Educational content that breaks down complex concepts into digestible, easy-to-understand formats.

Social Media Content

Short, engaging clips tailored to thrive on social platforms and designed to maximize shares and engagement.

Event Coverage

Dynamic and captivating footage that encapsulates the essence and energy of your live events.

Education & Training Videos

Structured content that educates and informs employees or customers about specific practices, tools, or products.

Case Study Videos

Genuine reflections from satisfied customers or clients that lend credibility and trust to your brand.

Video & Visual Content Formats

With our objective orientated approach, every type of video is crafted with a strategic mix of our core elements, ensuring that it's not just seen but truly experienced, leaving a lasting impact on its viewers.


We create content that connects on a personal level, making it relevant and compelling through storytelling that mirrors the viewer’s own experiences or aspirations.


We create content that educates and provides clear, valuable information, empowering the audience with knowledge that helps them understand and engage with the subject matter.


We create content that evokes strong emotions, creating a lasting impression by tapping into the viewer's feelings to enhance connection and memorability.


We create content that prompts viewer participation and direct action, transforming passive watching into an engaging experience that encourages interaction and measurable response.


"The Bakery take the time to really understand a project, as well as the people that will be involved. In our experience, their attention to detail and ability to produce incredibly high quality and professional content is unsurpassed."

Marnie Craig
CEO, Business Events Tasmania

"The Bakery were an absolute delight!! The content they delivered captured our brand essence so much so I actually cried when I watched it for the first time. I was truly overwhelmed with joy."

Tamika Bannister
Director, The Spotted Quoll Studio

"I highly recommend The Bakery. Simon and Stacey fully understood our needs and delivered very high quality work that we are all proud of. They go out of their way to meet deadlines and get the best results possible. A dream team!"

Laurence Palmer
Marketing Manager, Hemp Foods Australia

Start with Confidence

Ready to launch your video content with a professional team by your side? Get started with our free Discovery Sessions. Share your vision with us and get clarity on how we could help achieve your objectives.

  • 30 minute session

  • Zoom or Teams

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Addressing Your Concerns

Transparency is one of our most important values. If you have a question, we'll give you a straight answer. Here's a couple of FAQ's.

"How much does it cost?"

We're open to honest discussion about budgets and what value you need to create for your business. Exploring this together with you is our first priority.  

"How do you ensure an effective campaign?"

We have a set strategic process to determine all our creative parameters and thier objectives. This way, all our efforts are aligned to one goal - yours.


Ready for a Creative Change?

Don't wait to elevate your marketing efforts. Contact us and discover how we can transform your campaign into a success story.

creative director of the bakery simon baker


projects completed

We've been around the block a few times and seen a few things.  There's a certain confidence we find in seeing trends come and go, while good old fashioned people skills standing the test of time.


years in business

Way back in 2014 we started out in the famously colourful Byron Bay and we've certainly come a long way!


exclusive clients

Yep, that's right. We work with a maximum of 5 clients at a time. If you're one of them, then we can guarantee you're on our minds daily. Get in touch and check our availability.


months minimum support

'No man (or woman) left behind' could be our motto. We care about our projects and make it our business to support every campaign and client toward a successful outcome.

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