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"The Bakery take the time to really understand a project, as well as the people that will be involved. In our experience, their attention to detail and ability to produce incredibly high quality and professional content is unsurpassed."

Marnie Craig
CEO, Business Events Tasmania

"The Bakery were an absolute delight!! The content they delivered captured our brand essence so much so I actually cried when I watched it for the first time. I was truly overwhelmed with joy."

Tamika Bannister
Director, The Spotted Quoll Studio

"I highly recommend The Bakery. Simon and Stacey fully understood our needs and delivered very high quality work that we are all proud of. They go out of their way to meet deadlines and get the best results possible. A dream team!"

Laurence Palmer
Marketing Manager, Hemp Foods Australia

Need to Connect?

You have something important to say, and it's crucial that it not only connects but also resonates with your audience.

When your message truly resonates, it sparks a genuine, human-to-human interaction, forging meaningful and lasting connections.

Be Understood.

creative directors of the bakery simon baker and stacey baker
The Bakery Creative Agency Logo

At The Bakery Creative Agency, we craft video and visual content that adds lasting value to your organisation. We construct narratives that resonate both emotionally and intellectually with your audience. Your message will not only reach but also enrich the lives of your viewers, fostering meaningful connections that drive real brand growth.

Audience Connection Guaranteed.


Creative Pathways

for Strategic Results

Creative pursuits have often thrived on a unique blend of disorder, eccentricity, and serendipity, contributing to the generation of exceptional work. While acknowledging the inherent value of these elements, we understand that a 'going-hell-for-leather' approach lacks predictability in results. At The Bakery, we recognize that creativity flourishes within defined parameters. We prioritize a deep understanding of your brand, delving into its history, people, challenges, and possibilities before even thinking of reaching for our tools.

The result is not merely lightning in a bottle; it's a systematic approach that can be replicated.

The truth is: creativity thrives in constraints. Some may see constraints as limitations, we see them as a framework for innovation. This is why we invest time in comprehending every nuance, ensuring we have a well-defined sandbox for exploration. The result is not merely lightning in a bottle; it's a systematic approach that can be replicated.

After years of dedicated effort, we've meticulously documented, iterated, and refined our approach to developing Communication Strategies. Much like a design Style Guide, it serves as a roadmap, outlining the current state of your brand and how it engages with your audience. This strategic framework is our commitment to predictable outcomes built on a solid foundation of understanding.

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Campaign Strategy

Communication Strategy • Project Management

Our approach begins with meticulous information gathering and a deep comprehension of the market, providing the essential groundwork for us to create innovative and impactful Communication Strategies that serve as the backbone for all our services.


Creative Production

Video • Photography • Design

At our core, we are Creatives. Whether we're shaping captivating videos, capturing stunning photography, designing graphics, or crafting textual communications, our belief in creative innovation remains unwavering. We understand that across various mediums, the essence of our creativity is to enhance communication, ensuring that every message is not only clear but also compelling.


Digital Marketing

Online • Traditional Media

Efficient deployment is paramount; without it, establishing a connection with your audience, irrespective of the content's quality, remains elusive. We intricately strategize our delivery from the outset. Our approach encompasses crafting a clear plan, ensuring that every interaction is purposefully designed to draw your audiences closer to the essence of your brand.


Speak Human:

7 Steps to Engaging Brand Narratives

speak human: 7 steps to engaging brand narratives

This concise guide is crafted for businesses seeking to forge deeper connections with their audience. Each step empowers you to bring your brand's story to life, weaving narratives that resonate, engage, and endure. Packed with actionable insights, this free guide distills our proven communication strategy into an easy-to-follow roadmap. Whether you're a budding enterprise or an established brand, these seven steps are your keys to unlocking a dialogue that speaks volumes and ensures growth.


Download your free copy now and start your journey towards impactful, human-centric brand storytelling.

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